Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another slideshow... and thoughts about Baby

Below is a slide show of our engagement pictures - taken a little over a year ago.  After doing our maternity photo shoot on Friday, I remembered taking engagement pictures and went back to my old blog to find the slide show.  

Seeing pictures of myself pre-pregnancy makes me really excited to have the baby out.  It will be so nice to have a flatter stomach (notice I said "er" - I am not expecting to jump right back into my old body!).  I am tired of waddling around and the discomfort of bending over.  However, I am actually feeling pretty good for only having 3 days until his due date.  Perhaps that means he will come late... in that case, maybe I should be complaining more so he will come earlier!  My mom thinks he will come out on Friday the 8th.  We shall see.  

The unknown of his arrival makes me think about the coming of Christ - "We don't know the day or the hour."  Andrew and I feel pretty ready for Baby to come anytime.  We are ready and willing to drop whatever we are doing to go to the hospital.  This is how we should be also with the coming of Christ; whenever the end (or should I say beginning?) comes, we should be ready.  We should always be in the state of grace, so that our souls will be ready to go.  So have your hospital bags packed and your car seat in the car - God could come to you anytime! =)

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