Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, our baby boy has not come out yet... we are eagerly waiting for him!  I really wish he would come out today- that would be such an awesome mother's day present!!  I did not sleep much last night because I felt some action happening and was getting excited.  At about 4:40 I woke up from some pain (I thought it was a contraction).  I woke up Andrew and told him I thought I was going into labor.  We were told to stay in bed and try to sleep as much as we can if I go into labor at night.  So Andrew went back to sleep, but I stayed up anxiously awaiting another contraction, but I didn't have any more that were as painful as the 4:40 one. 

I am pretty uncomfortable now and any movement brings on a stretching sort of discomfort.  I don't really know what is going on...

Andrew just made me breakfast, so I will leave you with that update!  Stay tuned =)

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  1. Your lil' guys is killing me! Sorry about this TMI- but I just had diarrhea and am sooo excited! They say it is a huge sign of labor--I am trying not to be to excited but am HOPEFUL!

    Watch me have signs for 3 weeks and you just go straight into labor! =) Lucky you =P