Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pictures of John


  1. You two have such a BEAUTIFUL BOY! WOW! Congrats...we will call you soon, we just want to let you get used to being home with John. Cory and I are thrilled. As soon as Cory heard the name he said "Ahhh...i should have known that would be his name :). That would be like us naming our son Alphonsus :." Nice try cory. But seriously, congrats..we love you both!

  2. Lindsey and Andrew,

    He is absolutely beautiful! You finally get to hold him =)!! We can't wait to meet your little guy. Hope you get lots of time to enjoy him.

    We love you,

    The Ralstons

  3. John is adorable! God bless your family!! :)

  4. What a beauty!!! Thank you Lord for the gift of John Vianney - thank you Lord for his safe delivery and for his parents. We ask you to bless him in his life, that he grow strong in You and be a great witness for Your Love.