Friday, May 22, 2009

John's First Week

Today John will already be a week old... crazy!


  1. Lindsey-Is that really YOU at one week post partum!??? You look radiant and healthy and so put together! Wonderful birth story by the way-I have decided to use your method of prayer intentions for each contraction...what a great way to offer up suffering for those who are in need while focusing the pain away from external stimuli. If you and Andrew have anything you would like us to pray for during labor, please message me in FB.
    Rebecca Gonnella (in Bellingham)

  2. St. Hizzles...I am not even trying to be nice when I say two create BEAUTIFUL children...WOW. If we were having a girl I would definitely suggest a pre-arranged marriage :)...well, only if they did not become a part of a religious order beforehand :). Love you both and we cannot wait to see you in June.

  3. Wow, he looks like Andrew! I can't wait to see him! What mass are you going to this weekend?

  4. Lindsey :) Congratulations on your new family addition! You look so good, and your little doodlebug is so scrumptious!! :)