Friday, January 22, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 13

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1. Just a few moments ago, John was kneeling (for the first time), and then he pulled himself up to the standing position (for the first time). Then he went crashing to the floor! I came quickly and showered him with lots of kisses.

2. It has been almost a month since he began crawling! I can hardly remember what he was like before crawling!

3. As I type, John is emptying the little waste basket by our desk and spreading trash all over. (These may be very quick takes!)

4. I am really enjoying the Mother's Support Group that I go to on Thursday mornings. Yesterday, we talked about how to keep our children open to religious vocations. This made me remember when John was first born. I recall looking at him and wondering if he was going to be a priest. Would I parent him differently if I knew he was going to be a priest? Would I have a higher standard for his behavior? In reality, we all have a call to holiness and friendship with Our Lord - so I should have a high standard for John, whatever his vocation may be.

5. John is slowly tearing the room apart as I type, so I should keep this to 5 quick takes... Here is a video of John that I took today:

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