Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catching up: Christmas Tree Cutting

I know I am terribly behind on posting this and it is OLD news. But I thought you may enjoy some pictures from our trip to Bellingham the weekend before Christmas. It is our annual tradition to cut Mom and Dad St.Hilaire's tree with them and then decorate it. I cherish this tradition and was happy to have John there to help out this year. Here are some pictures:

Getting all bundled up for some old-fashioned tree cutting!

We found the tree!

Annual photo of the family with the trees

We celebrated my birthday a little early. This is the toast - to me!

Decorating the tree!

We exchanged some presents. I made this apron for Grandma St.Hilaire. John helped! =)

Another annual Christmas picture! (They've been doing this pose for years! It is traditionally taken on Christmas morning, but this will have to do)

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