Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crawling Update

John is getting very fast at crawling. His latest joy is carrying things around with him as he crawls. He mainly likes to carry around a wooden drum stick that goes with the xylophone that cousin Sydney got for him for Christmas.


  1. Have wheels, will travel. That kid's really booking!

  2. Look at him go!

    Now, don't do what I did with the little boy I used to watch in high school: we had a drum set in the choir room, and since I didn't want him to hurt himself on it, I told him that anything *else* could be a drum, and demonstrated it by showing him how to "drum" with our hands on stairs, chairs, desks, etc.

    Then a few weeks later, someone gave him a drumstick. And since I had already established that "anything can be a drum," the kid happily ran around beating the crap out of everything he could find with the stick, yelling, "It's a drum! It's a drum!"

    So. Yeah. Keep an eye on the drumstick...