Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 19

1. John's crib - John is still sleeping very well in his crib. In fact, he is there right now! Last night he stirred a couple of times, but I never had to go in to comfort him - he basically slept from 9pm-8:30am on his own. I am loving this sleeping arrangement!!

2. My schedule is slowing down for the summer. Little Flowers and Mother's group are not meeting during the summer. My only weekly commitment for the summer is Encounter (a bible study) on Tuesday nights, and the Pro-Life Youth Committee (every other Saturday). I am looking forward to nice weather and more time to play with John!
3. John's buddies - John is a very social guy. He loves people a lot and is not very shy. Here are some pictures of John with his friends that I just found while clearing out our camera:

John and James - playing in James' dog's pen! Silly boys!

John and Joey Gaunt - He couldn't crawl at the time, but John thought he was still pretty cool!

4. It has been a long week! Andrew has been working pretty late most nights this week - in order to catch up and prepare to take Saturday off. John and I are excited to spend good quality time with Andrew this weekend! (See #7)

5. There aren't many things cuter than my two men snoozing together:

6. You know you have a toddler when... you know exactly what toilet paper being unrolled sounds like.

7. Parish Camp - Around 3:30 today we are headed out to go to our parish camp for the weekend. It is at Camp Berachah in Auburn. This is our first trip of the summer!

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