Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toddler Mass Kit

I'm blogging over at our Parish today:
My son just turned one in May. He has been pretty good in Mass, but since he learned to crawl and now walk, my husband and I have had to spend a lot of time with him in the vestibule. Sometimes we wonder if we should even sit down in a pew at the beginning of Mass!

One of the gifts we gave him for his birthday was a bag for Mass. I found the items at various Catholic stores over the last few months. I wanted to make it really special and personalized, so I bought a denim bag at JoAnne Fabrics, and used this method to paint a Marian cross on it. I also embroydered his name on the front of the bag.



  1. Lindsey....this is what we have used for a couple years now with our girls and it is a lifesaver!! We keep adding holy cards to our ring and those are a hit!! We put mass books in there and small church mom the girls bags. The rule is: it has to fit in the bag and HAS to be spiritually / Mass related!! Hope it helps!!

    We do have ... See Morethe Busy Bible.....but I dont recommend it so much for mass just becuase it is bigger.....and there are lots of pieces that could get lost easily or fall around the pews....

  2. This is such a great idea ... and useful especially when it is used only for 'entertainment' at Mass.

    I am wondering - those big beads, made out of wood - noisy when they come in contact with the pew - are there any large rosaries made out of felt (or similar) beads that one could use for this kit? Maybe a new cottage industry...Silent Rosaries!!!