Friday, June 4, 2010

Organizing: Update on Our Box System

Last September, I announced that we adopted the box system that the Duggars use for organizing. Now, I'm here to confess that we had all the boxes and stuff was stored in them, but I never actually wrote down what was in each box! So, it has been successful in getting everything out of sight, but it has not been very practical in the way of finding something quickly.

Yesterday, to took on the task of going through each box and writing down the contents (in a general way). I printed off a typed reference guide that tells what is in each box. It is now posted in our closet so we can glance at it when we need to find something.

I think this system will work a lot better now! It is so nice that basically everything in our house has a home, and - for the most part - it is all organized!

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