Thursday, August 27, 2009

Theology of the Body: Kristine Mauss

"Theology of the Body" is the teaching that we speak a language with our bodies and we are created to give glory to God through the language bodies speak. Pope John Paul II taught this for years in his Wednesday audiences. By studying this teaching, Andrew and I have really come to understand the deeper meaning of our union as husband and wife.

From my experience, learning about the Theology of the Body has led me to recognize that every teaching of the Church has a purpose and it is all meant to bring us closer to Our Lord.

Our friend, Kristine Mauss is a very talented speaker! She just started a new ministry called "Theology of the Body NW." John and I got up "early" (8am) yesterday so we could listen to her on the radio. The following is the video of what we listened to:


  1. I listened online...very talented young lady!! Good information to get out there!