Tuesday, September 1, 2009

John's Teeth!

Last week was rough. John was not taking naps very well. He seemed like he always wanted to be held. I was getting frustrated because nothing was getting done around the house. He began to develop symptoms of a cold. He had a stuffed nose and a cough. Then...

On Saturday, right as he opened his mouth to nurse, I noticed teeth! He "cut" one of his bottom teeth and I could see the other one right beneath his gums. Since then, he has "cut" both teeth and is a lot happier! I say "cut" because after reading online about teething, I learned that "to cut" a tooth means that it breaks through the gums... I learn so much! ;)

I was not prepared for this - as John is only 3 1/2 months old! My mom gave the advice to stick an ice cube in a washcloth for him to suck on. He really likes that! It's great to have my mom as a resource!

I have not been looking forward to John getting teeth for one reason: biting! So far he hasn't been too bad...

Here are those pearly whites:


  1. Caden was a bad bitter after his teeth came in. Kylan.. not so much. Baby smile are always truly sweet but with those little teeth poking out they are just to much!

  2. I've heard you can keep veggie sticks in a glass of water in the fridge (or you can probably freeze them too) and let babies teeth away on those. Supposedly, it will give them comforting thoughts with vegetables...and that will be their go to food later on in life. Hmmmm... my mom must have let me teeth on chocolate. jk :)