Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 17

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1. Learning about generosity: I just began passing on some of John's clothes to friends with baby boys. I was going to save them all for (hopefully) future sons, but I changed my mind under the influence of some generous friends from church who are who are constantly giving us hand-me-downs for John. I asked them if they wanted me to give them back when John outgrew them and they said "No, just pass them on..."! I was so amazed by their generosity and it made me reconsider my stance on hording all of John's clothes. God has really provided for us with John. I am so thankful for this and I decided that I want to be a conduit of God's generosity to our other friends - so I am passing the clothes on. I know that if we are blessed with another son in the future, God will still provide for us. Note: I did keep some clothes that were sentimental to me - hey, I'm not that good! =)

2. Baby Kisses: I mentioned in a previous post that John has begun to intentionally give kisses. I must say - his kisses are the best! We ask him to give us a kiss and tap on our cheek, then he will lean in with his slobbery mouth gaping open and plant a big kiss on our cheeks. It is precious! Sometimes he doesn't want to give us a kiss - but you can tell that he knows what we are talking about.

3. Mission Impossible: This week has been very busy for us. On Monday and Wednesday I helped out a friend who is the PE teacher at Star of the Sea. We taught the students a game called "Mission Impossible." The students were divided into teams and their mission was to get from one side of the gym to the other - without touching the ground. There were mats spread throughout the gym, jump ropes, laundry baskets, Styrofoam noodles, poly spots, and scooters. With those tools, they worked as a team to get everyone across. If someone touched the ground, they had to go back to the beginning and their team had to figure out how to go back and retrieve them.

It was a lot of fun! We modified it a little for each grade, so it was a challenge for everyone. It made me miss teaching and being with all those kids - but boy did I miss my little Johnny by the end of the day! He was watched both days by some friends and he did really well! That was the longest I've been away from him!

4. Fresh Veggies, here we come! A couple of weekends ago, my parents and I cleared out a space in our yard for a garden. I bought some seeds a few days ago, so soon we will be planting them and eating fresh salads! I can't wait!

5. Cool Blog: For all you Catholic moms out there, a friend recommend this great blog to me called Catholic Icing. It has super fun ideas for celebrating feast days in the home. I am so excited for John to be interested in this stuff!

6. Beatles Question: If your name was Magill and you called your self "Lil" - why would other people call you Nancy??? It just doesn't make sense to me...

7. Happy Birthday, Mom! Today is my wonderful Mother's birthday. She is down in Oregon right now, but we really wish we could be with her! Love you, Mom!

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