Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Habits

Seventy-one days ago, I began a journey. Andrew told me about this website called "Habitforge." Decide on a habit you want to establish and they will send you and email every day to ask if you are working towards that habit. Say "yes" or "no" and they keep track of your answers. The goal is to do it for twenty-one days in a row. If you say "no," then you have to start back at day one!

My goal was making my bed. It's something that takes only a few minutes in the morning, and it makes be feel so good about myself when I do it; yet, I have always been lazy when it comes to bed-making.

After seventy-one days of trying to do it twenty-one days in a row, I finally did it!!! Yesterday, in honor of it being my last day of the twenty-one day run, I washed the sheets and made it extra-nicely!

I have been really curious about what will happen on my computer screen when I finish - Will an animated character dance across the screen? Will fireworks go off? Or will they give me a thousand-dollar reward?

...No, all I got was this:

But even better than that colorful circle is this beautiful sight:

Thanks, Habitforge!


  1. congrats on a new habit -- and thanks so much for passing that site along! it's just what i needed today!! :)

  2. I think we are going to try this! Thanks for the info and CONGRATS!!!

  3. Lindsey, this is awesome! I've set so many goals this year, and I'm really bad at holding myself accountable for them. This is PERFECT! Thanks a ton!

  4. Yea Lindsey!!

    And I too am excited about that site. :)

  5. Nice job, Lindsey. I'll be coming out with an improved version of the site soon. In the meantime, thanks for promoting the site! -Sandon ( / )