Friday, April 9, 2010

Egg Wars - Day 4

Egg Wars 2010

I was placing my bets on "Grandma St.H" after her performance yesterday and her quick defeat of "Grandpa St.O" this morning!

After that battle, we had the Grandma's battle it out. "Grandma St.H" vs. "Grandma St.O"...

Guess who won...

Congratulations "Grandma St.O" - that sure was a surprise victory!

Tomorrow will be the final showdown - Between "Grandma St.O" and "Jesus." (Grandma Stockton told me this morning that she wants Jesus to win... I hope so too!) In honor of this grand event, we will be capturing every moment on video! Check back in tomorrow to find out who the champion egg will be for 2010!

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