Thursday, April 8, 2010

Egg Wars - Day 3 (Posted one day later)

NOTE: I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet was being slow. I apologize to all of the fans out there who were probably refreshing this web-page every ten minutes to see if more results were in! Just kidding!!; )

Well, we had a busy morning yesterday, so we had to postpone the competition. But we made up for lost time and competed until we both had two loser eggs to eat for breakfast.

Day 2's champion - "John" - first took on "Grandma St.H"! We had high hopes for "John" because of his stellar performance on day 2. But alas, "Grandma St.H" had a little more gusto!

Poor "John" was quickly out of the running!"Grandma St.H" moved right along to compete with "Aaron."
It was an easy win for her though. I think "Grandma St.H" might have some steel in her shell!

So we brought out the godparents, "Lou" and "Jenna." Perhaps they could take down the mighty "Grandma St.H."

No such luck!

"Grandma St.H" has conquered for today!!! She skillfully took down four of her competitors! This leaves us in great anticipation... Will she be as strong tomorrow?


  1. I totally forgot about doing that! Thanks for the reminder...that was great!!!

  2. Go Mom!