Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 6

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1. Well, I just put John down to bed. He is going to bed earlier lately. He used to go to bed with us (around eleven). Now he goes to bed around nine. It is kind of nice to have a couple of hours to get things done and relax with out needing to tend to John.

2. For the first year of our marriage we had no pictures of us on the walls. Sure, we had some printed out to put on the walls, but we could not settle on frames we liked. Last week we finally found some good frames at Michael's craft store... and they were %50 off! We had no clue they were having a sale that day, we just happened to decide to go and check out what they had. God sure does provide! So now we will finally have pictures from our wedding up on the wall! =D

[... forget about quick take #1 because John just woke up and I had to sooth him for a while. So now it is 9:40 and he is asleep again...]

3. I was supposed to do student teaching last spring, but my little love bug was born then. So I had to postponed it until this Fall. Then I decided I will postpone it until Winter because I want to nurse John longer. So in the winter I will be student teaching full time. For now, I will be doing a practicum, which will involve me going into the school for a full day on Fridays. Hopefully this will help me, John, and my mom (she will be caring for him while I am gone) get prepared for Winter.

[...speaking of John he is up again, but my wonderful husband will attempt to get him back to sleep...]

4. John is grabbing his feet now!

5. I have always been frustrated about the quick decay of cilantro and parsley. It seems that whenever I buy either of them, they go bad within days. I did a little research on the web and found the idea of treating the herbs like flowers - clean them, put them in a vase (I used a Mason jar) with water, and keep the water fresh. I tried this and it worked really well! Every few days I changed the water and picked out leaves that were going bad. It has lasted for almost two weeks! The best part is when I used my parsley, I just snipped off what I needed with scissors and I felt like I had my own little herb garden on my kitchen counter! I also think it makes my kitchen look nice!

6. We went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. I have been working on a blog post about it - loaded with pictures! =) I promise I will finish it soon and get it posted!

7. John is up again, so I should go... maybe I jinxed myself by writing that first "take"...


  1. Haha i wish scott was still that small

  2. You are brilliant! I can't wait to buy cilantro again so I can keep it around for awhile. Yea! :)

  3. Great takes! Lou and I just got wedding pictures up on our wall this past week too. I'm so happy to have them up!

    You might already know this, but when your parsley (maybe cilantro too) has lasted as long as it will in a jar, you can take whatever's left, tie it in a bunch and hang it upside down for several weeks and it will dry nicely. I have parsley and sage (yeah, I'm missing the rosemary and thyme :P) hanging in my kitchen right now. When they dry out thoroughly I just put them in plastic bags and use them crumbled.