Saturday, September 19, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 8

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1. Practicum: Sorry for not posting this yesterday... I put in my first day at my practicum. I am in a 4th grade classroom that will soon become a 3/4th split! They had to cough up a teacher because they were short at another school. So now they have to divide the kids up and change everything! This will be hard because the kids are just getting use to their class and teacher - and the teacher is in the middle of training the students! Should be interesting! ;)

2. Guests: Mom and Dad St.Hilaire and their friends, Mike and Kay, came down for a quick visit on Thursday night, and they left this morning. We had a great time with them, but I was so busy with the practicum, that I felt I had no real time to visit. We will be going up to Bellingham the first weekend in October, so hopefully I will have a more relaxing visit with them then.

3. Organizing: I have adopted an organizing system that the Duggars wrote about in their book. I will take a picture and show you later. I am still working on getting everything organized, but it will be well worth my time in the end. I think Michelle Duggar said it took her about 6 months to get her house organized. I hope it doesn't take me that long!

4. Bed time: We have instituted a bed time for John. We try to get the routine going by 8:30 and hope for him to be asleep by 9pm. We have been doing this for about a week now. First, I change his diaper and put his PJs on, then I brush his teeth and sing him my "tooth brush" song. Then we say a prayer with him and Andrew reads from the Bible as I nurse John to sleep. That is the routine, I hope it sticks!

5. Clean kitchen update: Guess what... my kitchen is still clean! (Well, almost - there are some bowls on the counter from last night that need to go in the dishwasher) I did a pretty good job this week. I think there was one night that I went to bed with the kitchen being messy, but I promptly cleaned up in the morning. I do think I am getting better, so I am happy about that!

6. Cleaning the house: Before Andrew's parents arrived, we did a mad dash around the house cleaning up. It is so great to have company because we really get the house looking nice. Andrew commented that we should pretend that we are getting company every weekend. Then maybe our house would really clean at least once a week! =D

7. Update on John: John is such a great kid and he brings me much joy! When I was at my practicum, I missed him a lot, but I know he is in good hands with my mom. Sometimes I miss him even when he is napping. I will check in on him to see if he is awake yet - "C'mon John, I want to play!" This week, he has really been developing his motor skills with his hands. He has a little plush dog that he likes to hold. When I hand it to him, he reaches out to grab it! I reach for it and take it from him, and then smile and say "thank you." I am working on teaching him manners now, and to give me things when I ask for them. Obedience starts now! =)

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