Tuesday, September 8, 2009

John's New Clothes

Yesterday was 50% off day at Value Village! That happens about every three months. Andrew and I have a tradition of always going to Value Village on the 50% off day. When we found out we were pregnant with a boy, we went to the 50% off day in February and stocked up on baby clothes from age 0-6 months. Yesterday we loaded up with Fall and Winter clothes.

We got:

5 pairs of pants
2 sweater/jackets
1 winter coat
3 pairs of overalls
4 onesies
4 long-sleeved shirts
1 short-sleeved shirt that says "Italia" (we like Italy!)
3 pajamas
3 pairs of shoes
5 pairs of socks
and a skirt for Mamma! =)

All of this for only $54!!

Here is all the loot:
John's new winter coat - it only cost $2.50! (Don't worry, it will fit him better in a few months!)


  1. Wow, didn't even know that day existed....will have to keep my eyes open for the next one!! We just scored at Rumplenewskins, my favorite consignment store in Angel a lot of 3T Fall clothes as she has NONE for $60!!!

  2. Aidan has the same winter coat! Guess where I got it... yep... Value Village. I would guess that between 75- 90% of my and the boys clothes are from VV or Goodwill.