Wednesday, September 30, 2009

James Michael Herring

Yesterday was an exciting day! James Michael Herring was born! We went to the hospital last night to meet the new member of Tom and Carrie's beautiful family. John cried in the car on the way there. I thought about how, on this day in years to come, we will likely be celebrating with the Herrings and John will be going to his friend's birthday party. We can tell the story that they first met on the day James was born, and John was crabby! In John's defense, it was getting close to his bed time...

thought I would let the blogging world know. Here is what Tom said last night on Facebook:

"Facebook followers, I give you: James Michael Herring. Born 6:33pm 9/29/09, 7lbs 15 oz, 19". After 5 hours of labor, Mom and baby are doing great. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers."


Here are some pictures from last night. Doesn't John look huge??

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  1. What a beautiful pic of them! Can't wait to meet him, hopefully this afternoon!!