Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day ~ Fun with Corina and Ed

We had our good friends Corina and Ed over yesterday! They came early so they could come to Value Village with us. After shopping, we went down to the Blackberry Festival in down town Bremerton. We listened to the band and moseyed through the sea of vendors. Andrew and I got our rings cleaned for free... my diamonds are sparkly now! We also got a pair of sunglasses for me. I have had the same cheap pair for about 3 years now and the plastic frames have begun to flake and shed. It was time to retire those!

We decided to get a bite to eat, so we got some over-priced oriental food. We ate it in the shelter of the ferry terminal area because by that point it was beginning to pour. We also enjoyed some over-priced but oh-so-tasty walnut fudge from Amy's Decadent Chocolate.

We ran into our friend Lauren Frisch and she invited us to go see the boat she, her husband Adam and daughter Elena are living on. So we went to visit them after our "dinner." Their boat is bigger than we envisioned and very homey, but the novelty is wearing off for them and they are looking forward to moving into a house soon.

Then we came home and duked it out on Dr. Mario. This was reminiscent of our college days, when we would play this game for hours!

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