Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Health Care

As of September 1st, we have not had health insurance. I was covered through teaching and Andrew hasn't been insured. But that is all about to change...

We just sent in our application to Samaritan Ministries. We heard about this health sharing program from our friends Darius and Janet when we went to visit them in August. They mentioned that they didn't have insurance but were in a health sharing ministry. I was intrigued. This kind of ministry was completely foreign to me, but now that I have looked into it, it makes more sense to me than having health insurance.

In this ministry, we will share a monthly amount to people around the country who have medical needs. The first three of our payments will go directly to Samaritan Ministries for administration fees. After that, they will tell us another member to send our money to. There is an annual administration fee of $170, but other than that, our money will go directly to a fellow Christian in need. Our monthly share amount is $285 (that is the amount for a two-parent family of any size!).

The best part about this ministry is they do not support abortion! Now we can rest assured that our money for health care is not going to support abortion.

If this sparks your interest, as it did mine, check out the short movie below or visit their website:

Samaritan Ministries from Samaritan Ministries on Vimeo.

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  1. Hi Lindsey,

    Good to see that you and your family are coming aboard with Samaritan Ministries.

    My family and I have been members since 2004 and we have been very blessed to share with fellow Christians in this unique way.

    While working for Samaritan Ministries has been a huge blessing in my life, recently my wife and I have been on the receiving end for our maternity need and it has been exciting to see the cards and the personal notes coming in encouraging and congratulating us. Though I see Samaritan operating on the macro level every day, the joy is indescribable to be on the micro level and actually seeing the ministry and the sharing work as it was designed to in order to meet our need.

    I obviously can't say enough good about Samaritan accept to say that it is a honor and pleasure to be a part of the global Christian community in this way and to see believers doing the right thing and sharing their needs amongst each other and not looking to the government for handouts or participating in payment plans that pay for ungodly procedures.

    Blessings in the Name of the Lord to You and Your Family.