Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now we are just like the Duggars!!

(Minus 18 kids...)

As I said in my quick takes last Saturday, we have adopted the same organizing system that the Duggars use. I learned about this system by reading their book.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

They use numbered cardboard filing boxes. Everything that they don't use on a daily basis goes in a box. Each box has a corresponding index card. On the index card is a list of the contents in the box. The index cards are stored in a recipe box for easy access. When you want to find something, you take out the recipe box, and search for the item by looking on the cards. When you find it on the card, you know what box it is in. All of their boxes are stored in closets.

We modified the system a little bit. Instead of using index cards, we are using a Google Doc. This will be better for finding things, because we can just do an electronic search and find the item we need right away. Right now all of the boxes we have are in our closet (we've been blessed with a big closet). We are starting out with 20 boxes and if we need more, there is room to store things in the basement. The best part about this is when we have to move again, almost everything will already be in a box!!

20 Boxes and Counting!!!


  1. Can you give an example of what might be in a box - say number 16?

    Let us know if it seems to help!
    What's the name of their book - I'd like to get it at the library!

  2. Well, about half of the boxes are empty at the moment... I am still working on getting things organized. But right now, we have a "cord box" where I coiled all of our misc. cords. On our Google Doc I wrote down the kinds of cords that are in the box, that way we know if we have the kind of cord we need before even opening the box. I also have a "candle box" where I have extra candles and candle holders. Do those examples help?

    The title of their book is "The Duggars: 20 and Counting" by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. It is a fantastic book! I highly recommend it! =)