Saturday, September 26, 2009

7 Quick Takes ~ Vol. 9

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1. Tummy time: This week, when John was on his tummy, he pivoted 180 degrees! I got on the floor and crawled toward him. He smiled and started moving his legs like he wanted to crawl to me. He wants to crawl, but he needs to get some more core muscle strength. Before I know it, I'll be chasing him all over!

2. We just heard on the radio about a couple who did in-vetro fertilization and they were mistakenly implanted with another couple's embryos. They decided to bring the baby to term and give the baby to the biological parents. The biological parents were overjoyed to have their child! This made me wonder: If the woman who was implanted with the wrong embryos decided to have an abortion, would the biological parents have any ability to intervene? After all, the embryo would be their wanted child.

3. Lesson learned: I really want to get an ergo baby carrier, most of my friends with kids have one and I have heard great things about them! So we decided to get one. The nearest retailer is in Poulsbo, which is about 25-30 minutes away. I packed John in the car and we drove out to Poulsbo. They didn't have the color we wanted. Sad. This reminded me of the value of calling ahead. Especially when you are toting around a little one, you should always call ahead when you are making a special trip to go somewhere for one specific item. On a similar note, I have also learned the value of drive-through banking - what a blessing!!

4. The Front Lines: The 40 days for Life has begun! This is a campaign to end abortion that involves prayer, fasting, and community outreach. It mainly involves standing vigil at the local abortion facility. So for the next 40 days, people will be praying outside the Planned Parenthood in Bremerton from Sept. 23rd through Nov. 1st from 7am to 7pm. John and I signed up for the 9-10 hour slot on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Last Thursday, we had a beautiful thing happen. A man pulled over on the shoulder of the road. He got out of his car (you never know if this is a good thing...) and came over to where we were standing - another man, Michael, was praying with us, so don't worry. The stranger knelt down and put his hand on Michael's shoulder. He began to cry. Michael asked him if he wanted to stay and pray with us. He got up and said "I will be praying" and then walked away. We had the feeling that he may have been suffering from past involvement with abortion. So after he left we prayed for him and that he will feel the power of Our Lord's mercy. Click HERE to see if there is a 40DFL campaign going on in your area!

5. Brewing Beer: Right now Andrew is watching a tutorial video about home brewing beer. We are thinking that we will probably start brewing our own beer to save some money - and have some fun!

6. Postpartum Update: So I know you all love updates on John, but you may also be wondering how my healing has gone. I had an "easy" time with postpartum recovery - compared to stories I have heard from friends. After about two weeks, I felt almost back to "normal." Now that it has been over four months, I feel great! Mentally, sometimes I feel a little foggy, but that is probably because of the sleep interruptions during the night. My "baby belly" is still there a little. I was looking at my stretch marks today. They have faded a lot! Right after John was delivered, my stretch marks were bright red. Now they have faded to a light pink color. It is hard for me to look at them and see beauty, but I try to think of them as "love" marks.

7. Dinner Party: At the Our Lady Star of the Sea's school auction in February we donated a dinner night for three couples at the "Historic Manette Fire Station" with on site childcare included. It has taken a long time for all of our schedules to line up, but we finally hosted the dinner last night! It was SO fun! The adults' dinner was in my parents living area, and the children were entertained in our apartment. My parents did the cooking, Andrew was the waiter, and Becky and I did the childcare. I know I had a great time, I hope the families that came enjoyed themselves also! The kids acted out the nativity story and guess who payed Jesus? - Yup, little Johnny! =)

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